Un designer sa che ha raggiunto la compl

REVOLUTION ARCHSTUDIO, design studio founded in 2015 by architect Roberto Bellantoni.

The design studio  based in via senato 18 Milan, is like a LAB in which also works of artists and designers come together, which merge with the work of the designer. the space is also used for shooting , private events, catalogs and photos.

In 2017 the range of activities are expended, exploring new ways for the design of furniture and lighting elements: the designer’s dreamlike interpretations which take nude and contemporary forms.

The concepts used stem from a detailed study on the use of light and defined profiles with subtle combinations of metal fabric and leather.

The Brand Revolution directs its creativity within the design of interior spaces towards a continuous formal research aimed at the use of contained sections and minimal processing of materials, where each piece is shown in all its strength, essence and durability at the same time.

The design of the spaces is always aimed at the creation of a warm and welcoming ambience in which one feels at ease.