The inspiration comes from the colours, sensations and emotions that the lands of southern Africa offer us: from Botswana, through the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe to the wineries of South Africa and the city of Cape Town.

The incredible light of the sky, pink at dawn and sunset, the golden sun and its bronzed reflection on the rippled water of the Chobe river, the mud and water in which elephants play, the lanterns and the  folding chairs and deckchairs put up in the bushes for a little stop, herds so full of zebras that they turn into an optical black-and-white illusion. The reddish earth..

Based on these ideas, recodified in a modern language and an arid style, yet profoundly distant from an ethnic language, the Collection evokes the idea of ​​traveling to distant lands with warm tones and light shapes, resulting in a typical contemporary "urban nomadism", in which one is often forced to move and where the pieces of furniture, light and easily transportable, can easily follow you. Essence and aridity resemble the personality of Revolution.

Chobe table


Chobe. Table in burnished brass – (different finishes are available). The round top is divided into three parts. Legs are in wood (3x20 cm) h74 covered with grey leather elephant print with visible stitching - different colors and textures are available. Legs and table top are removable (three pieces). Options: 180 diameter or 140 or custom.

victoria Lamp


Victoria  - Floor lamp in satin brass, with a rectangular base, h 138 and arm length 185cm long.

Led light with dimmable "touch" to switch on/off). Also available in 135cm length.

zebra - sofa


Zebra - Sofa made of burnished brass with  cushions in different size.s The cover is a herringbone pattern fabric that recalls the optical effect of a herd of zebras seen from above.
The slim and light structure is combined with a wide, deep / comfortable  seat and 3 back cushions. Cm 240x120xh80
Also available custom size.

stellenbosch - small table


STELLENBOSCH - Low table . Minimal design characterized by two asymmetric legs. Light satin brass.
Trays with the same finish are also available.


clifton 1 - day bed


CLIFTON1  -  Day-bed, inspired by the camp bed redesigned in a modern urban way, it is equipped with a brass tray. Cm 190x75 *h40

clifton 2 - arm chair



CLIFTON2 - Armchair with a pouf. Reworked version of the director's chair, Characterized by the extra-large dimension; with a handle on the back makes it easy to move. Cm 85x51xh80. Pouf 84x51xh45 cm

clifton 3 -chair


CLIFTON3 - Chair, inspired by the camping chair, with a handle on the back that makes it easy to move.

Cm 51x45xh80

clifton 4 - sgabello


CLIFTON4  - Stool Inspired by the camping stool.

Cm 51x45xh45

strand - arm chair


Strand-armchair - inspired by the beach armchair,  in burnished brass and elephant print grey leather - different colors and textures are available. Cm 76 * 90 * h73


strand - long chair


Strand longchair  - inspired by the deck chairs,  with one armrest - right or left on request –made of burnished brass and grey leather elephant print - different colors and textures areavailable.

Cm 72*178*h73

sandy circle/square - table lamp


sandy - Lampada lampada da tavolo in ottone con la base squadrata o cilindrica. diverse finiture per l'ottone e per il paralume (seta e lino).cm32x40h.

preeti -   Lamp  m \ l \ xl


PREETI - Extremely light lamp, inspired by the lantern made of burnished brass - different finishes are available. The handle makes it easy to move. Different colors for the silk / linen diffuser positioned with magnets that you can move as you wish.
3 versions/options of table lamp and floor lamp.

Cm 32x45x h60-125-150