The new RO Collection takes us on a journey through the Orient, travelling on a route that visually crosses China, among ancient cultures and landscape with timeless atmospheres and new urban skylines, between soil and asphalt, rice fields and spice markets, running through Sichuan and the forbidden City, all the way to contradictory and hi-tech Hong Kong.

The journey continues, in a reinterpretation of formal purity and emotional power with evocative shapes, which are interiorized in the casual encounters of oriental explorations, with the softness of neutral tones matched to an explosion of colours “stolen” from the Forbidden City.


The installation in the exhibition space RevolutionLab guides the visitor through each room in a multimedia itinerary which gradually reveals the design suggestions, with the aim of welcoming him inside an apartment in Hong Kong: elegant and sophisticated, like the last stage on a long trip where your suitcases were gradually filled with more and more ideas that now crowd those rooms.


The common denominator of the new RO collection is the choice of precious materials such as brass, onyx, briarwood, leather, parchments, velvet, mixed with each other in a perfect balance between functionality and emotion.


These explorations have given life to a furniture line inspired on the principle of living spaces and their evolution in type and size throughout history. This is the case, for instance, of the modular open bookcase Kowloon, which can be “infinitely” developed in height, and is inspired on the forest of skyscrapers in Hong Kong with its typical bamboo scaffolding. A similar origin can be attributed to the new series of “cabinets” Ms Chang, made in precious wood essences and parchment. Its partition doors or small counter doors hide video projectors and tv-sets that appear only upon need and open up as windows onto the world.

The table lamp Riso is inspired on the traditional hat worn by the workers in the rice fields and is available in the versions briarwood, onyx or green parchment, while Green Tea, the armchair proposed in brass, green velvet and leather, resonates with memories due to the traditional shape of the seat and combines its essential lines with the comfort of its soft cushions.



I don’t see your face, it is so well protected by those who observe you… by those who want to look inside you, but you … are perfectly still and look at me even when I am fragile.


The table lamp Riso is inspired on the Orient and its rural imagery, in particular on the memories that a particular headpiece triggers in our visual imagination as it evokes the idea of a farm worker. The cone-shaped lampshade in parchment directs the light downwards and is fixed to the base by means of leather straps just like the hat is tied under the chin. Lampshade in parchment, base in white/caramel onyx or briarwood or green parchment.Diameter 25xh38; 35xh45; 50xh55.



Sinuously they stretch towards the sky. They are like legs that sink their feet into the heart of Hong Kong, amidst that story made of smells, noise, and life. They watch us and who knows what they will see from there.


Light yet extremely sturdy, the modular bookcase Kowloon and its vertical tension is conceived as a reference to the shape of contemporary skyscrapers. The brass uprights, on the other hand, are reminiscent of the bamboo scaffolding with which those extremely high buildings, whose slender structure stretches towards the sky, are built even today. The surfaces/shelves of different sizes can be easily moved around for maximum flexibility thanks to a carefully studied system, which allows for an infinite amount of options in terms of composition. In the 60cm modules, the knots in the bamboo function as additional shelf-holders to reduce the space between shelves to 30 cm. The bookcase is made in burnished brass, briarwood, and white onyx. Cm 100x30xh from 180cm and up, variable.

Pu Yi


Let me in. Let me play with you. I’ll cross that drawbridge that divides us. I’ll keep you in my memories, every single moment imagined in your home.

(Forbidden city)


Bureau and tv cabinet with integrated lights, burnished brass coated in white parchment.

Cm 80x39(at the base)xh145. 

green tea


 How does her tea mrs. Li want it?… the same for me …I like to imagine myself comfortably sitting inside my tea… sitting in that warmth…taking in those inebriating spicy  dreams.

Armchair with pouf, made in brass, light green velvet and dark dove-grey leather. The pouf is composed by two cushions tied together by a leather belt.Cm70x90xh84



Like a Chinese box… there’s so much more inside! Like Mao’s mind … still … staring at the wall … and materializing past, present, and future within it.

Cabinet in oriental briarwood with front door coated in beige parchment. The cabinet can contain a video projector and hi-fi equipment. A small door can be opened upon need to reveal the lens of the video projector. Cm 60x48xh68.



Like a folding screen in front of a window, a window onto the world. So Ms Chang reveals her passions through the stories she tells and implies. Like a screen separating itself from invention. And each one of her dresses is a dream in technicolor. (In the Mood for Love,2000 wang kar-wai)


Tv cabinet in dark oak with 4 partition doors coated in parchment that fold to the sides. Cm 130X32xh100.